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Map of Montenegro


Regions of Montenegro

With a front-row seat on the edge of the Adriatic, Montenegro is a place of sun-baked stone cottages, warm breezes and horseshoe-shaped bays lapped lazily by turquoise water. But as our map of Montenegro shows, sailing and sunbathing are only a small part of the story.

Head inland and steep mountainsides seem to appear out of nowhere, forming serene lakes that are edged by pretty pine forests. This is a natural playground where you can go kayaking, get your kit off for a swim in the great outdoors, or head even higher to ski among the dramatic peaks that gave this nation its name, which translates to English as ‘Black Mountain’.

You don’t have to exert yourself too much, though. From the cool tranquillity of Montenegro’s churches and monasteries to the flashy marinas and beachfront bars of the Budva Riviera, Montenegro is best enjoyed slowly.


Montenegro Map