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Map of Hungary

Regions of Hungary

Split in two by the Danube, Hungary blends the beauty of old Europe with a touch of eastern magic. As our map of Hungary shows, it’s right on the edge of Central Europe, sandwiched between seven other countries.

The first port of call for most visitors is Budapest, where trolleybuses and trams rattle past splendid Art Nouveau buildings. Beyond the capital’s crowded coffee houses and steamy Turkish baths, you’ll find fairytale castles, sun-soaked lakeside resorts, and the sprawling Hortobágy National Park, where wild horses still run free through the wispy grass.

Rolling vineyards tempt a steady trickle of tourists out to Hungary’s wine regions, including Villány and Tokaj, the latter known for its sweet, honey-coloured vintages. You’ll want to try goulash, the country’s national dish, but be sure to save space for some of the other hearty soups, stews and pastries. There’s no need to leave Hungary feeling hungry.


Hungary map