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Map of Denmark

Regions of Denmark

Cheese and pastries, hipsters on bikes and fantastic knitwear: Denmark has a distinctive national identity and influence that far outstrips its diminutive size. From Michelin-starred cuisine to enviable architecture and design, this small country has much to enjoy, so use our map of Denmark below to start planning your trip now.

From the picturesque villages and beaches of Funen to Jutland’s vibrant cities of Arhus and Aalborg, Denmark’s appeal extends beyond Copenhagen. For spectacular stretches of sand and excellent seafood, head to Skagen, located at the tip of Jutland. End your trip on Zealand, in the country’s capital, where cutting-edge architecture collides with the medieval maze of the inner city. By day, a lively café culture, museums, and pedestrianized zones make this compact city easy and enjoyable to navigate. By night, bars and clubs play host to an energetic live music scene – visit the ‘freetown’ of Christiana to continue your alternative Danish adventure.


Map of Denmark | Denmark Map