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Map of Czech Republic

Regions of Czech Republic

Charmed by its Gothic architecture, sumptuous cafés and formidable castle, most visitors to the Czech Republic don’t feel the need to step outside Prague. Indeed, there is much to enjoy in this bewildering, busy capital, from luxury shopping in the old Jewish quarter, Josefov, to the glorious art collections in the National Gallery. However, there is more to this small, varied country than its capital, so use our map of the Czech Republic below to start planning your trip now.

Surrounding Prague, the region of Bohemia is characterised by a woody, hilly landscape dotted by picturesque spa towns and industrial beer-brewing cities such as Plzeň and České Budějovice. Visit the town of Kutná Hora, and stand beneath a chandelier made from human bones and skulls in its bone chapel, Sedlec Ossuary. Finally, for a less sinister experience, head to the Moravia region for the student town of Olomouc, where the unspoilt city centre boasts lively cafés, bars and clubs.


Map of the Czech Republic | Czech Republic map