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Map of Colombia

Regions of Colombia

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The only South American country to border both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Colombia combines a rich mix of scenery, from lush cloud forest to palm-backed beaches. Whether you want to stroll through colonial cities, explore the Amazon rainforest, hike in the mountains of Sierra Nevada or spot whales and dolphins on the Pacific coast, use our map of Colombia below to start planning your trip.

There are a host of activities on offer in this intriguing country, from joining the lively festivities of Semana Santa in Popayán and Mompox to learning about coffee farming staying on a traditional finca in the Zona Cafetera. Offshore, the tropical island of Providencia, balanced on one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, is home to beautiful beaches and excellent opportunities for diving, while on Johnny Cay beach, just off the nearby island of San Andrés, you can hang out with iguanas beneath the palm trees.


Colombia map